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Analysis of industry status of Shanghai Quanying Commercial Factoring Co., LTD

Release date: 2018-07-04

At present, Quanying Factoring mainly focuses on the supply chain of national grid hydropower projects。The power supply chain refers to the production of electricity by upstream power stations, the transmission of electricity by an intermediate grid group, and the use of electricity by external customers。The main business of the local branch of the Power Grid Group is to buy electricity from power stations。The hydropower station signs a power supply agreement with the local State grid company to supply power to the State grid company and collect the corresponding electricity charges to form accounts receivable。Our company provides factoring financing services with recourse for small hydropower stations through the agreement of receivables, and the financing term does not exceed5年。

Power industry is related to the national economy and people's livelihood of the basic industry, power supply is the lifeblood of modern society。With the rapid growth of China's economy, modern social life has become more dependent on power supply, and the contradiction between energy supply and demand has become prominent. In this case, the government and power enterprises are doing their best to expand the scale and speed of power construction, but the situation of power shortage still exists。

Small hydropower refers to the single installed capacity inSmall hydroelectric power stations of 50,000 kW and below。Before 1949, a total of 42 hydropower stations had been completed or partially completed in China. After 1950, hydropower construction had made great progress, and in 2010, China's total installed capacity of hydropower generation thus ranked first in the world。As of 2010, China had more than 47,000 small hydropower stations, with an installed capacity of about 75 million kilowatts, equivalent to the installed capacity of three Three Gorges power stations, accounting for about a quarter of the country's installed hydropower and annual power generation。Among them, Zhejiang Province has more than 3,200 small hydropower stations, with a total installed capacity of 2.53 million kilowatts. In 2016, more than 2,500 small hydropower stations in Zhejiang Province earned more than 6.7 billion yuan in electricity charges. It can be seen that the factoring financing market has great potential to take the receivables from small hydropower and electricity charges as the target。

China is rich in hydropower resources. At present, all small hydropower stations are connected to the grid for power supply, and the cash flow of electricity fee income is stable. However, the contradiction between the characteristics of small hydropower and the financing conditions of traditional financial institutions causes the current financing difficulties.Bank loan is the financing method that most operators can think of, but for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is not an easy thing to borrow from the bank。The banking system is rigid, product upgrading is backward, innovation is insufficient, and loans are more focused on the assets of enterprises than cash flow;And the internal process is complex, the approval cycle is long, and there are strict restrictions on the use of funds。Even though the cost of financing is low, it can be difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises。For hydropower stations, banks generally require installed capacityMore than 5000 KWH, and all require asset mortgage, small hydropower has a stable electricity income, but the assets are mainly factories, pipelines, DAMS, machinery and equipment, etc., the value of its own assets is not high, can be financed low。Compared with bank loans, commercial factoring has obvious advantages in terms of qualification requirements and approval cycle。Commercial factoring works in a flexible way, reviews focus on substance rather than form, and can conduct a professional evaluation of the business owner's accounts receivable before determining whether to give the funds to the business。This step ensures robust risk control, and can also shorten the approval cycle to solve the urgent needs of business owners。This is precisely matched with the reality that small and medium-sized enterprises have more receivables and light fixed assets, which can effectively meet the urgent needs of small and medium-sized enterprises for short-term working capital, and their active efforts and continuous exploration in inclusive finance are more and more recognized。

At present, there is no precedent for factoring companies to intervene in hydropower project financing,Izumi Factoring is poised to expand its business rapidly in the next one to two years,And build a business team that is familiar with the situation of the hydropower industry,Seek several fixed partners who have full trust in small hydropower projects and Chuangying Factoring,Strengthen refinancing capacity,Gradual cost reduction,Thus forming scale barriers。