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The World Factoring Yearbook (2017) highlights the growing importance of international factoring in the global market

Release Date: 2018-01-30

In May this year, the BCR World Factoring Yearbook (2017) pointed out that the proportion of international factoring business is becoming increasingly prominent, and trfNEWS reported on this。

While the factoring market in most countries is driven by domestic factoring, the World Factoring Yearbook (2017) proves that international factoring is becoming increasingly important as one of the drivers of the growth of the factoring market。

In one-third of the world's countries, international factoring has become an important and fast-growing source of revenue for factoring companies, growing faster than domestic factoring。In all cases, the growth in international factoring came from an increase in export factoring volumes (few countries reported a decline in international factoring).。

In 2016, the volume of international factoring in Austria increased by 30% from €6.4 billion in 2015 to €8.2 billion in 2016.Estonia from 3 in 2015.62.3 billion euros grew to 4. 4 billion in 2016.29.7 billion euros, an increase of 18%;In the Netherlands, it was 25 billion euros in 2015 and 325 in 2016.700 million euros, an increase of 25%;Portugal from 78 in 2015.$300 million increased to 89 in 2016.900 million euros, an increase of 20%;Italy from 407 in 2015.900 million euros increased to 485 in 2016.800 million euros, an increase of 20%。In these countries, international factoring is growing much faster than domestic factoring。One example illustrates this graphically: the total volume of factoring business in Germany increased by 3 in 2016.8% to €217 billion, and its international factoring volume grew 14% to €67.9 billion。Most of this was export factoring, which increased by nearly 16% to €64.5 billion。

Conversely, the decline in international factoring volumes will have an adverse impact on total turnover, which is already evident in the United States。

In countries and regions such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Denmark, international factoring business volume accounts for more than 40% of the total factoring business。 These countries and regions consider international factoring to be an important driver of their exports。Other countries, such as Egypt, have therefore made efforts to develop export factoring。Regionally, the international factoring market in Europe and Asia appears to be stronger than in other parts of the world。

It is expected that by 2017, the growth rate of world trade will exceed that of 2016, and international factoring business will also become an important factor in the development of world trade and global factoring business。